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I was recently shopping with my girlfriend and as usual with shopping trips my initial enthusiasm began to rock at the entrance looked at a large department store said it would be the sports -pop shop a few meters, is more like a pub, she said, I just text you are and meet with you. bangbro was walking up and down thought, to be honest, without pretending to be interested in the multiple peaks that were with us, however, a pub sounds like a good idea, I got on the High Street think that was a nice bar with a garden I had seen before, but when it became clear above, in the wrong direction and need to pee now managed, luckily, I saw a sign for the bathroom and headed through a parking and in the Lords. When I was on the line, there were three guys there, all piss and took my place at the end of this terrible metal and urinary expected, I was looking straight ahead, as I went, but I feltthe guy to my left, it was, so he looked in his direction, then I did it openly look at my tail when I realized I was peeing, nor even that I caught, instead of looking away, I smiled, I do not know why, but I took one look at his cock and realized it was not pee, but his penis was erect and slowly masturbates while looking at me. finished urinating today and as I shook my cock and pressed the end to end, bangbro the boy looked back, her large eyes bangbro and licked his lips and I realized I wanted to me that there were other bangbro semi observed two boys went to the urinals and toilets were available, but they both look in the mirror of us, I just got my tail out of there, but pressing the end, the man next to me kept straw and I still think I thought it was going to end it, while to me, I turned a little to give a better look and I like thi was even harder and more or less back to bangbro masturbate. Then the first words were spoken, beautiful cock you got there, he bangbro said, he said, but turned around and was now facing him, I looked at the other two boys, one was masturbating in the bathroom and the other had to leave the door and seemed to be watching, I was not masturbating, but touched by his pants, you can touch, said the man was in front of me and when I looked closer and I was not hands I said, I let my cock and nodded, came to him and took my penis in her hand and began to masturbate slowly, to my surprise turned out and kissed the tip, which was frozen in place, while licking the tip up and down the shaft and then took it to his mouth and said, pausing Mmmmmm nice boy and took him back, I felt good, was actually far deepthroating me i suck hips began to sway in the more or less time on his whore MonUTH, the type of the pool was very moved at any time and jerks away, he started playing my butt and my hands up and down and finally moved to my boxers and slid down, I felt his hard rub his tail against me, but I thought it would be much, so it was, do not worry, he said he just wanted to rub together, moves around the front and knelt down, I turn to Jim said, and took turns for about 5 minutes, sucking, I knew it would end soon, you will fuck me, Jim said, I shook my head, the first bi encounter and thought it was too far, I have my first words, said, I'll finish, and Jim knelt and took my cock the other, I found this said, I want to finish, began bangbro to suck hard bangbro and fast I was surprised at the mouth ? I asked, only mumbled and nodded, so bangbro I let go and wine in the mouth, injected 5 HIT him and swallowed the lot, as I had to go a couple of sprints, quickly let go and my dietTap to the other, received two quick bursts of speed and then licked me clean up a spill. I have in my fly fast, I washed my hands and left when I left, everyone said the same thing next week ? , I think my girlfriend will be amazed when you go shopping next week I'm going to say.
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